EALA President trying to Revive the Peacekeeping Military Force “Solution” in Burundi

The President of the East African Legislative Assembly, Daniel Kidega from Uganda caught while trying to falsify an EALA report.
Indeed, a few days after the murder in Bujumbura of late Hon. Hafsa Mossi, everybody welcomed with admiration the idea of a special parliamentary session held to honor her memory. But what they did not know was that the session would be shamelessly used by some members to move a motion vigorously condemning an EAC Partner State, Burundi, to such an extent that, this Thursday, August 25, Members of Parliament were puzzled to see in said motion ideas and recommendations which were never discussed; the most serious one being a vigorous plea for the deployment of over 3,000 UN forces to Burundi.

But this is not the first attempt by Kidega to support the Burundian radical opposition parties and their friends, especially Rwanda, says an EALA member.

“Many do remember that in January and February 2016 he organized public hearings at EALA commissioned by a group of NGOs who were already known for their fierce opposition to the election of President Nkurunziza as well as their campaign for international sanctions to be applied to the Government of Burundi.”

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