A Try to Hide Sezibera Mismanagement at EAC Secretariat behind Mfumukeko Attacks

EAC: The August 21st – September 2nd EAC parliamentary session has been scrutinizing the report of the Audit Commission for fiscal year 2014-2015. According to many members of the EAC Parliament, Dr Richard Sezibera’s management was very chaotic and he even managed to make 1140 changes to the financial statements after they had been submitted to the Audit Commission…
An attempt to hide evidence of the financial wastage, the numerous fraudulent procurements, etc. And it is said that the audit reports of previous years were even worse!

Dr Sezibera is currently in his Arusha residence where he is very busy trying to acquire or buy support from some members of parliament in order to avoid severe charges against him.
Also, he and his friends are engaged in a merciless battle against Amb. Liberat Mfumukeko, the new EAC Secretary General who, from what many say, has become an obstacle to their plans to steal more from EAC and/or to push Rwanda’s political agenda at EAC.

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